Magdi Boulos
Magdi Boulos Magdi Fouad Boulos is a renowned Cello player known for his virtuosic talent and captivating performances. Born and raised in Shoubra, Cairo 1941, Magdi showed a natural aptitude for music at a young age and has to come from a musical family, his father being the head violinist of a popular Egyptian Radio Station between 1945- 1959.
Bashar Hanna, (OAM)
Bashar Hanna Bashar Hanna is a civil engineer, project manager, businessman, social worker, educator, multi-instrumentalist, composer, writer, choir leader, producer, and arts & community cultural development specialist.
Suzan Horani
Suzan Horani High-achieving media personality and journalist Suzan, has been covering both interesting and thought-provoking topics over the last two decades. With over 20 years of creative work experience in radio, online and public performance, Suzan is to be considered one of the most respected and influential reporters and correspondents in the Lebanese community.
MC Dalida Iskandar
MC Dalida Iskandar Journalist Dalida Iskandar Maiki has proven her talent and professionalism since her arrival in Australia in 2013. Her imprints have multiplied on the radio, platforms, and pages, making her a star among the read and the audio. From 2ME Radio (five years) to Sawt Al-Ghad Radio (4 years) to Al-Telegraph newspaper, Al-Nujoum magazine, and the Lebanon Hub website, the media career branched out.